In the summer of 2016 I took to shooting gigs at Carlas café, Carla's and Jonne's old stable turned to pub on Öland (SWE). I was going through a rough patch so I figured taking my camera and myself in the middle of crowd having fun would be a good thing. It'd keep me out of an empty house, and busy outside work.


After a couple of gigs I got myself a new camera that opened new opportunities when shooting in lousy lighting conditions, and that's when the real fun began. Soon I was back at Carlas' night after night, so much so that the regulars started leaving empty the best chair in front of the scene for me and my gear. (Thanx guys!)


After Carlas had to close down for a year's period I went on. I've since been shooting various gigs, time and finances permitting, even in Helsinki (FIN) and Trieste (I), mostly in small, intimate places. I'm not even bothered by inexhistent light anymore. On the contrary! It gets the creative juices going when editing. And, by the way, Carlas has opened again in the summer of 2018!


One thing's for sure though: photography and music are the best therapy. I ravel in the combination, and feel at home in it.

And I guess that as long I won't get a guitar thrown at me I'm probably not bothering

anyone. Not too much at least.


Rock on and listen to live music, and use the drop down menu to check out my pics.


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